Lovely flower dawning on the night’s soil;

Without a trace of foil nor broil to spoil

Her bedevilling charm!

Trades of sunshine glow; traces of virtuous steps

Illuminate the dim chambers

Self-controlled in brisk movements, heart warming

In sweet talk, enchanting to the core

Inner fragrance bursting on the outside;

Blown into the air by the winds stir!

Positive in thinking, endearing in encouragement,

Optimism her ism of life,

Her rules the clues to life’s gaiety

Her tongue is not loosed;

Her speech sauced with the breath of God

Each syllable a balm of refreshing streams,

The beat of her heart resonating in the clouds of glory

For she’s affable, amiable; her actions betray her lifestyle;

She’s as plain as the daystar

An angel in the company of demons

She’s a woman; an omen of good fortune, an eternal rest

And comfort to the soul of mankind…..

By Reynold Adjei

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