The Academy

Our Focus

Life Skills and Leadership

We instill and nurture a set of positive self-belief and personal qualities needed in adolescent girls to advance their educational, economic and health outcome in life. Girls who participate in our programme mostly have enhanced mental, physical and social well-being while feeling equipped, competent and ready to face the realities of life.

  • Self-awareness |Self-confidence
  • Decision making
  • Goal Setting
  • Problem Solving
  • Effective Communication Skills,
  • Interpersonal relationship Skills
  • Leadership

Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy

Our programme trains adolescent girls to develop entrepreneurial mindset to navigate the unemployment problem in Africa while equipping adolescent girls with essential financial literacy skills, fostering confidence and independence.

Programmes | Initiatives

Aspire to Lead

A six-week leadership and entrepreneurship program for adolescent girls, aimed at inspiring and empowering them to be confident leaders and problem solvers.

Knowledge Plus Values

A one-day mentoring and values program for younger adolescents, focusing on fostering positive values, encouraging academic excellence, and instilling leadership skills.

News & Publication

The Intelligent Lady Launches Innovative Academy for Adolescent Leadership and Entrepreneurship Training.

30th March, 2024

The Intelligent Lady launches innovative academy for adolescent leadership, entrepreneurship training.

30th March, 2024

Academy for Adolescent Leadership and Entrepreneurship Training unveiled.

6th April, 2024


What People Say About Our Organization

Management Team

Princess Sekyere Bih


Maame Efua Quaigua Arthur

Project Coordinator

Wendy Amarteifio


Dr. Mary Ansong


Rev David Quaye

Guidance and Counseling

Celestine Atuwo

Guidance and Counseling

Jane Kwawu

International Gender Consultant

Finding purpose on a Mission:
The Genesis of the Intelligent Lady Academy

In the Maseru district of Lesotho, Princess Sekyere Bih, a devoted International Development professional with interest in health, education and gender was deployed on mission to work with a UN Agency. Little did she know that she would pioneer a mentoring and leadership programme that would impact many adolescent girls across the continent.

A Call to Service: Mabathoana High School

Serving as an International Civil Servant, Princess always looked forward to the Friday half workdays which beckoned with early ‘knock offs’ thus offering lots of free time. As someone stationed away from family but being of great service in another country, her drive for women and girl’s empowerment filled her with an epiphany to engage the girls at Mabathoana High School. For Princess, her endless afternoons were taking shape with her seamless lightbulb moments about the young adolescent girls. The seeds for the Intelligent Lady Academy were sprouting in her fertile and active mind.

Community Buy-In and Support

With the immense support from the management of the school, Sisters Katleho Khang and Batilda Haqoa of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM), Princess was able to mobilize the girls. It was their buy-in that gave her room to operate and set the mentorship plans into motion. 

Princess dedicated two hours of her free time as a counselor and mentor at Mabathoana High School to run a life skills and leadership programme. These were essential skills for girls to navigate their adolescent years. The mentoring class aimed to inspire and to build their self-confidence to aim higher in life. A total of about 50 girls (two cohorts of 25 ) between the ages of 16-19 benefited from the programme. These young ladies, hailing from diverse social backgrounds, brought a vibrant energy to the sessions.

A worthwhile mentorship journey.

Time with the girls was marked by mutual learning and growth. While the ably bodied facilitator taught them about the power of association, making positive choices, taking responsibility, the value of hard work, fostering positive thoughts, and the importance of service, the participants in turn, shared their anxieties, doubts, fears, and other emotional, psychological, and social issues. Both parties navigated these challenges together, discussing ways to address difficult situations and strategies for handling them.

Community Project – learning materials for prison inmates 

One important highlight of the programme was to give back to the community. Princess emphasized the importance of service and community engagement in her lessons. Inspired by her teachings, numerous problems were identified, and with Sis. Katleho’s assistance, they focused on assisting final-year inmates at the Lesotho Correctional Centre (Juvenile Prison) who were preparing for their final year exams. They visited the correctional centre, offering not just supplies including mathematical sets, calculators, pens, and other learning materials but also fellowshipped with them. 

It was indeed an emotional and humbling experience for the girls. They appreciated the privilege of living a free life and were moved by the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of others. This act of service reinforced the importance of community service for the greater good.

What next? The Academy 

The Academy was born out of a desire to mentor, empower, and encourage community service on a larger scale. The goal is to impact the lives of young women across various communities while teaching them the principle of giving back. Today, the induction of the Academy in Ghana signifies the incredible dedication of the Intelligent Lady to fulfil its training mandate of mentoring and investing in the lives of young adolescent girls across communities.