The Intelligent Lady Network holds its annual “Pad Her Up” campaign at Manya Krobo Senior High School


On 28th May 2022, the Manya Krobo Senior High School was graced by the presence of the Intelligent Lady Network (TILN) for their annual “Pad Her Up” campaign. The event was in partnership with women officers from the district Police service. The initiative was aimed at educating young girls on proper menstrual hygiene practices and distributing much-needed sanitary products to the young girls in the school.

The program started with an opening speech from the school principal, who emphasized the importance of menstrual hygiene and keeping girls in school during their menstrual cycle. The students were receptive and actively participated in the session, which featured a lot of interactive activities.

The Intelligent Lady Network, which is a group of women passionate about empowering women and girls in various capacities particularly in leadership and entrepreneurship took the students through a step-by-step guide on proper menstrual hygiene practices. The girls learned useful tips on the best practices for using and disposing of sanitary products, and also the importance of washing their private parts regularly.

The girls also received a free pack of sanitary pads to help them manage their periods effectively. The girls were excited and appreciated the gesture, and it was gratifying to see the smiles on their faces.

Furthermore, the program featured a Q&A session where the girls had the opportunity to ask questions about menstruation and get answers from the facilitators. The session proved enlightening, as many of the girls had misconceptions and myths about menstrual cycles that were dispelled.

The “Pad Her Up” campaign was a great success, and the girls of Manya Krobo Senior High School benefited immensely from the program. It was indeed a noble initiative by TILN team, hopefully more non-profits will take up such causes to empower young girls in Ghana.