Pad Up Campaign- May 31, 2020

Most times in a pandemic crisis, humanitarian response to affected individuals mostly ignores essential items such as sanitary pads and towels for adolescent girls. Parents who are most affected in such times don’t prioritise this as they face the challenge of having to provide food for the family. Therefore adolescent girls resort to using unhealthy materials during menstruation.

This is the reason The Intelligent Lady Network has launched a campaign to reach out to 1000 adolescent girls with sanitary pads in the “Pad Her Up” Campaign on Sunday, 31st May 2020.  The team held a community outreach by volunteering to distribute over 600 sanitary pads to adolescent girls in deprived communities. The initiative was made possible through the dedication and efforts of these volunteers. The team received donations in cash and kindness from partners and friends to support the event.

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