Raising the next generation of women in business and leadership.

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At the Intelligent Lady, we are dedicated to empowering women in leadership, business and entrepreneurship. Our carefully crafted programmes offer comprehensive training, interactive workshops, and empowering seminars, enriched with the power of storytelling.

Designed to inspire and equip, we provide knowledge and essential tools for young women to succeed as leaders and entrepreneurs in today’s competitive landscape.

I kept the same values my parents instilled in me as a child— integrity being the most important.

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What Is It?

Programmes are specifically designed to provide young people with training, skills, and experiences to develop their leadership abilities and entrepreneurial mindset.

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What Is It?

Programmes are specifically designed to provide mentorship, resources, and opportunities for leadership development and career advancement.

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The Intelligent Lady
First Edition

It is an A4 sized lifestyle magazine for the professional Woman Of Faith in business/marketplace and leadership role.

It features stories, testimonies and accomplishments of Christian women from all walks of life. The magazine also provides information on all areas of the Christian lady’s life including the spiritual, social, physical, intellectual/career and family.

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