The Intelligent Lady is a social enterprise for women empowerment in business/
entrepreneurship and leadership. We inspire and equip women to discover and fulfil their potentials and
to achieve success in life through trainings, workshops, seminars and storytelling.


Educate – Inspire – Transform

The three arms of The Intelligent Lady are

The Intelligent Lady Magazine

What is it?

It is an A4-sized lifestyle magazine for professional women in business/entrepreneurship and leadership role.

The Magazine Content

It features stories, testimonies, and accomplishments of women from all walks of life. The magazine also provides information on all areas of The Intelligent lady’s life including the spiritual, social, physical, intellectual/career, and family.

(Inspired by Titus 2:3 – 5)

The Intelligent Lady Network

It is a platform that connects professional Women of Faith in business and leadership to fellowship, share knowledge, and support one another to fulfill their God-given potentials. It is a place where older and experienced professional women mentor younger or mid-level professionals in business and leadership as well as younger ladies in tertiary and senior high schools.

The meet up

Connect – Inspire – Mentor

The Intelligent Lady Series

A 30 minutes inspirational TV show which tells stories, testimonies, and accomplishments of Christian women from all walks of life.

We EQUIP women through the show which tells stories,

  1. Entrepreneurial Start-Up
  2. Educational Funding  
  3. Skills training /Mentoring

Our Pillars are:

  • Love 
  • Equity 
  • Fear of God 
  • Excellence

Educate - Inspire – Entertain

The Intelligent Lady

To be a go-to brand for women empowerment in leadership and entrepreneurship.

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