Aim: To inspire, prepare and equip future generations of women to lead successfully.


We equip women with entrepreneurship skills through our TILES program to foster socio- economically development and security among women.

The Intelligent Lady Entrepreneurship Series (TILES) is a training program designed to foster economic development and security among young women who desire to gain entrepreneurship skills and to scale up their businesses.

The TILES program targets two categories of women

Young women entrepreneurs, start-up owners, and social enterprises who need knowledge and skills to manage and scale-up

Aspiring young women entrepreneurs yearning to learn entrepreneurship skills and to launch their businesses



The Highest Labor Force

Sub-Saharan Africa has the highest labor force participation rate of all regions, estimated at 70.9 percent – compared with a global average of 63.5 percent according to the International Labour Organization survey in 2015. Research also reveals that globally the highest share of women in the workforce is found in African. A large number of these women’s employment (non-agricultural) is informal and very few in the private sector compared to men. Self-employment constitutes a greater share of informal employment (non-agriculture) than wage employment. It accounts for as much as 53 percent of non-agricultural employment in sub-Saharan Africa meaning most African women are self-employed.


These figures further confirm the opinion that there is an entrepreneur in every woman especially the African woman. As petty traders, hairstylists, dressmakers, artisans, small-scale businesses, start-ups owners, professionals in corporate, academia, sports wherever, the African woman has some innate entrepreneurial traits for running her business. 

The challenge

The challenge to the management and growth of these small businesses is mostly the lack of the needed capacity and knowledge coupled with contentment and complacency. Most African women would love to see their businesses grow but last the ability and funding to scale –up and compete in this fast-paced world. Few women have been able to break the ceiling but many more women are still crawling.

The Gap

Clearly, there is a gap and this underpins the introduction of the “The Intelligent Lady Entrepreneurship Series” (TILES) to equip women with the needed knowledge, skills, and funding to scale up and compete well.

The Intelligent Lady

To be a go-to brand for women empowerment in leadership and entrepreneurship.

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