CONTENTMENT is that deep-seated feeling of quietness in the spirit in spite of adverse circumstances. Most importantly, I believe it is being at peace with oneself and enjoying the achievements and blessings of others even when you have not been blessed with the same yet. Sometimes while I drive, I observe some drivers who make it a point to overtake others at all cost only to realize after a hot chase that the person they were competing with was not even going their way after all. One takes a turn while the other goes all the way down the road.

The chase then becomes pointless and fruitless because there are different destinations involved. I cannot stress enough,the need to focus on where one is headed in life. It is of no use being jealous of the person who got that job or that car or that house or that spouse or that child before you did. Do you know in what direction that person’s life will turn tomorrow? I have come to appreciate the fact that with consistency and the application of enough pressure, even a blunt object becomes a useful tool at cutting. The way to contentment thus, is to consistently live to achieve set goals and jump the hurdles of one’s own life. Comparing one’s life to others with a sense of ineptitude is a distraction that can lead to depression and ingratitude. To be content, list those things that you consider a blessing to you and it will surprise you how much they outweigh what you seek to have. God satisfies our mouths with good things so we can be content.

So live your life chasing no one, be thankful for what you have, and strive for a better tomorrow, that is when you will
realize what true satisfaction means.

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